Sunday, August 05, 2007

Louisiana strikes again-the Jena Jury's injustice

Tales from another world continue. Hard to imagine--let alone witness--the worsening insanity in our country. In Jena, La, Mychal Bell, a 16 year old sophomore football star (when arrested) was recently convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, and faces up to 22 years in prison. His crime? A relatively minor role in a fight.

What provoked the fight?
Nooses hung in a tree at the school in response to black students having dared to sit under "the white tree."

What happened to the white students who provoked the tensions with their hateful and threatening racist show?

You had to ask???

Nothing, of course. They are probably local heroes now, basking in their macho glory. Perhaps some will join the military to help us bring freedom, democracy, and the American way to the far corners of the world. . .

An excellent account of this lynching was posted by human rights lawyer and professor, Bill Quigley.

A petition asking the Justice Department to investigate this injustice is available here.

People interested in supporting Mychal or his friends directly can contact:

the Jena 6 Defense Committee, PO Box 2798, Jena, LA 71342;
Friends of Justice, 507 North Donley Avenue, Tulia, TX 79088;
or the ACLU of Louisiana, PO Box 56157, New Orleans, LA 70156 or 417.350.0536.