Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AccessCR-a Great Source of Infomation

A few months ago I discovered AccessCR, an Australian company with expertise in clinical research. Janelle Bowden, PhD, AccessCR's Managing Director, has a wealth of experience in clinical research and an obvious passion for making research accessible to and more accepted by the public. She also aims to improve communication and partnership between all involved in the clinical research process, from patient to researcher to government to industry. Her website and newsletter reflect that and are a terrific source of frequently updated information.

I’ve been following Dr. Bowden’s site avidly for several months and recently had the pleasure of speaking with her about some of the problems confronting clinical trials both in the US and abroad. I look forward to exploring this with her more in the future.

I highly recommend the AccessCR site and newsletter for interesting updates on clinical trials. Check it out here!