Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthing a New...Book!

Longer than the usual gestation, the 2nd edition of Conducting Clinical Research just came into being. A bit overdue, the past 10 months have been an immersion of reading, research, and writing to bring you an expanded, revised, and fully updated edition.

CCR 2nd shares the basic genetic makeup of its older sibling—a pragmatic, step-by-step, how-to manual for both experienced medical professionals and newbies, and shares the dominant wry humor gene.

There are notable differences, with many updates including recent regulations affecting research, subject injury clauses, tips on surviving audits and legal landmines. New topics include the unique needs of device and vaccine trials, perspective on the globalization and outsourcing of clinical trials, cultural competency and health literacy—keys to understanding and succeeding with the changing dynamics of the industry.

My first-born was greeted with much critical acclaim:

"Successfully covers . . . clinical trials. Practical considerations, substantial background and resource information. The text is well written . . . fills an important need."

—Annals of Internal Medicine, April 2007

“5 Stars! (100 out of 100)… This is a must have for novice or experienced clinical researchers.”

Doody's Review: Expert Review 2007

Sibling rivalry portends even greater success for the new addition.

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To find out more, click here for an excerpt, table of contents, and complete description.

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